How do taxes work/ do I have to pay taxes?

You are considered self-employed on ReadySensei so you have to follow the guidelines for your country! Every country is different and I have to spend too much time figuring out taxes for my own country so I’m sorry but I don’t have the energy to figure out the guidelines for yours

How do I make lesson plans?

As an Japanese tutor, there are tons of free resources online for lesson plans. I like to get creative though. Youtube videos, Ted Talks, and News Articles are all great things to plan lessons around. I’ve also been known to throw the occasional meme into lesson plans. Be creative and have

Why didn’t my student book another lesson?

If your student didn’t book another lesson it could be for a million different reasons! I try not to sweat it or chase down students who don’t book again. I have heard of teachers reaching out to students and asking them but that isn’t something I would personally recommend as it

Do I need a degree?

Not necessarily! It depends on what teacher type you are applying for. They list out all of the different requirements here.