How do I find a good teacher on ReadySensei?

The easiest way to find a teacher that fits your needs the best is to narrow your search, read the teacher’s profile, and watch their introduction video! Also, take advantage of your trial lessons because you won’t truly know if a teacher is a perfect fit until you are in a

How do I get the most out of the lesson?

If you have a clear idea of your goals it can help immensely! Even if it’s a broad goal for example you are learning the language for business or travel that can help the teacher fit the lesson to your needs. It’s okay to not know your goals immediately but if

How quickly will I learn Japanese language?

That is completely up to you! It depends on how much time you are spending both in class and outside of class learning your Japanese. For example, if you are only taking a single 1 hour class per week and not studying in between classes it will take you a lot